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About Roller Blinds


Measuring your Window


There are 2 types of Roller Blind fitting, the inside recess fit or the outside recess fit.


With the inside recess fit, the pole of your roller blind fits inside the window frame as shown in the diagram on the left. The outside recess fit is where your roller blind is larger than your window frame and therefore sits over the entire window as shown on the left.



Measuring inside a window for recess fit


 First of all, you need to ensure that the recess your blind is going into is clear of any obstructions that will prevent your blind from hanging freely.

When measuring the need to measure the full width from A to B (as in diagram) from the top of your window frame and the full height from C to D (as in diagram) across the middle.


Please provide us the exact measurements in MM


Do this in several places to allow for any slight variation or irregularity in your window frame and

   Make a note of the narrowest of these measurements, to the nearest millimetre using a metal tape measure. When measuring for roller blinds remember that the fabric width will be 35mm narrower than the overall exact blind width due to the winding mechanism.


Measuring outside a window recess


 Decide how far you want the fabric to overlap on all sides – we recommend this should be at least 50mm ( 2 inches)

Carefully measure the width from E to F as in the diagram (please note we will make the fabric to the size you give us so this will add on approx 1.75 inches either side to accomodate the mechanism.

The finally measure from G to H to the drop length you want.

Make a note of these measurements to the nearest millimetre, using a metal tape measure.



fit roll3 fit roller blind 2 fitting roller blind




A roller blind can be fitted in several ways, depending on the type of window you have - As discussed above  either recess fit or on the top of the window recess .


Mark the position of the screw holes of one of the brackets in the desired position at the top of the recess. Hold up the blind to the window in its estimated position to make sure it has enough clearance of window furniture to open smoothly. If not, consider repositioning it. Mark the screw holes of the first bracket,

Drill the holes in the marked position. Insert wood or masonry rawl plugs and then screw the first bracket into the wall or the frame. or screw direct into a plastic window frame for a recess fit blind.

Make sure the blind is level by measuring the position of the first bracket and transferring the measurements to the other side. Drill and fix the second bracket

then slot the blind into the brackets.